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Ground Water Solutions, Ltd. provides hydrogeological consulting services to private industry with emphasis on environmental and water supply studies. Our mission is to provide superior quality, cost-effective solutions that exceed customer expectations. Clients from a broad spectrum include the solid waste industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, insurance industry, waste-to-energy industry, and oil and gas industry.
GWS has worked on several major environmental litigation cases for clients providing both technical litigation support and expert witness testimony. In addition, GWS's work at 200 landfills has resulted in invitations from several regulatory agencies to lecture on the topic of ground water impact from landfills and innovative ground water monitoring techniques. These agencies include USEPA Regions I and IX, and the States of Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, and Ohio.

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Recent Work

Since incorporating in 1999, GWS has offered expertise to industrial clients faced with various hydrogeological challenges. GWS Founder and President, Mr. John Oneacre, was selected to proffer his expert opinion regarding a contested landfill expansion permit; GWS' client later received a favorable, unanimous vote from the State Review Board. Mr. Oneacre successfully demonstrated to a State regulatory agency that a client's landfill was not the source of a volatile organic compound (VOC) in the ground water. This demonstration utilized innovative isotope methods that did not require any new field drilling or well installation that proved to be very cost-effective for the client.

GWS was selected by a petrochemical company to assist the client in a complex state Superfund ground water remediation project that is subject to new risk reduction rules. GWS has helped the client develop a user-friendly environmental database for use by various entities involved with the project; helped to establish validation procedures for historical geochemistry data and eliminate biased data results that could impact the project; and demonstrated that the impacted ground water bearing unit (GWBU) was not in hydraulic communication with the regional aquifer.

Mr. Oneacre has provided technical expertise to several law firms engaged in litigation cases involving ground water. This work covered a variety of tasks including drilling, installing, and sampling ground water monitor wells; conducting geochemical analyses of ground water; offering its professional judgment regarding source of contamination; and testifying as an expert witness.

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